Web Connections

The Idea

With everybody and his uncle setting up free web sites it was easy to see how market share could be lost within the business sectors that The White Leisure Group worked in. The plan therefore was to set up a company that offered to build "bespoke" web sites for people who needed search position which wasn't being reached by the free websites who often crowded the screens with advertising.

The Manipulation

With 100's of contacts made, an e-commerce platform was designed and built which could be sold out to any business who wanted to trade on-line. The development of "Smart SEO" from the use of dynamic data then allowed a unique selling point which lead to the growth of the business.

The Deployment

Practice what we preached and maintained a basic but effective web presance was the order of the day when Web Connections launched. Today however our sector has grown and so like many others, we now compete not just on price, but a range of high wuality services including web design, bespoke back end operational systems and smart phone applications as well as providing a cost effective web hosting solution.

The Result

A turn key business that is now making money due to the automated nature of the web systems developed. With SEO in mind Web Connections still build modern, well designed web sites based around good quality SEO.

The Tags

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