Development Of Business Solutions

The White Leisure Group have been helping businesses of all sizes for many years and are now regarded as one of the specialists in helping and supporting business start-ups with everything from developing the business idea to developing and deploying web sites, marketing strategies and monitoring.

How It All Began

White Leisure started with the need, like many others, of having a web presance. Frustrated by the costs involved back in the late 90's, we had to dig deep and pay the fees. The site was great and the business grew well because of it. Yet a year later, so much had moved forward that it had to be done again, and again, and again. The costs were huge and so, it gave us the idea of helping other small businesses avoid the trap by developing systems that became future proof.

Content is key

Developing for others it became obvious that content ruled and so The White Leisure Group started developing content that would allow businesses of all sizes keep their web site content fresh and not suffer the problems of getting content ever again. We are not talking about the poorley regarded "Content Farms" here but a custom designed content stream for your site based on your business sector.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about how we work today.