K9 Capers

Created as a start up in the pet care industry, this ground based business soon found the Internet was a powerful place to be. Claiming a great service K9 Capers set about going online and created one of the fastest growing pet sites of its time. more

Web Connections

Building on the success of K9 Capers, Web Connections launched into the e-commerce market by offering bespoke web site design at a fraction of the cost of other providers based upon a well developed back end template model. more

Online Office Live

Accounting, don't you just love it? I guess not but with the big accounting companies cashing in on your needs, Onloine Office Live was developed to fill the gap between providing a credable, secure online Invoicing and Account system whilst keeping the price at an affordable level more

Our Wedding Diary

A Private Social Network? Sounds like a contradiction in terms but not when you look at it through the eys of those about to have a very special event that they want to remember for a very long time. Some call it the Ideal Wedding Gift more

Race Manager

A Slot car raceing management software for Windows. Control any slot car racing game and get real time lap stats, fastest lap, race winner and submit your race data to World Race and compete against other slot car racers throuyghout the world. Race Manager is one of the best PC Lap Counters more