Online Office Live

The Idea

With everyone on the move these days and rarly in the office a market opportunity opened up for a cost effective live office, live invoicing, stock control, accounts and customer management system

The Manipulation

It had to be fast, accessable, intuative yet affordable. Being at the head of many external programs we knew that Online Office Live had a market where many others had failed. The interface had to be simple yet scalable and it had to meet the needs of many small businesses.

The Deployment

With around 5 years in the planning stages the development of Online Office Live was remarkably easy taking just a few months and launching Version 1.1 in February 2012.

The Result

A multi currency, multi company, multi user online invoicing, online aexpense management, live stock control and instant vat reporting system that works with any windows server running ASP version 2 and above. Version 2 and 3 brings excell compatable reporting and a mobile interface that is accessable from any mobile internet device such as iPhones and iPads, Android phones and tablets.

The Tags

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