Ideas Evaluation

Having a great idea is one thing, but turning it into a business or a money making idea is yet another. At The White Leisure Group we can help you evaluate your ideas and decide if you can make real money before you start spending real money.
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Getting On-Line

By the mid 2000's most businesses with any brain power at all had realised that the key to future success was about getting online. Great for most but the cost quite often excluded SME's and left them with the choice of borrowing large sums of money or using one of the many free hosting and design services that were cropping up all over the place. This is why White Leisure invested in Web Connections. A Sister busines operation that can register your domains, build and deploy your web site, smart phone application or design and build your internal company operational apps and often for a lot less that you would expect.
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Financial Planning

It sounds pretty basic and any bank will tell you the same thing but at White Leisure Group we don't want to sell you insurance or a million other banking products. We are only interested in your stability as a business and that means cash flow. With many years being spent at the tough end of busines, White Leisure can now help your business understand the secrets of longevity through the basics of cash management.
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Advertising & Marketing

Perhaps one of the most difficult jobs, whatever you are doing. So the site looks great, the prices are right, the management team are the best there is, but these days you need a dedicated marketing plan that understands your business properly and the market it is aiming at. White Leisure understand business, we understand the Internet and by the end of the day, we aim to understand you too so that our expertise can help you start or grow your business.
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Content Management

For your website, Content is king! Well, at least good quality content is and that is why at White Leisure Group we have developed several web site content databases that update regulary and most importantly of all, the search engines pass the credit for the content directly to you. This is no content farm that just serves out masses of spammy rubbish every day. This is tailored content designed with your business sector in mind. Artciles that attract visitors, search engines and most importantly of all, cusatomers.
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